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Youth Expert

If you'd like your skin to feel a little firmer or look more radiant, this is the facial for you.

Whether it's hormonal changes, pollution, stress or any other cause, after a thorough skin diagnosis, your therapist will tailor the treatment to your specific concerns and skin type. Leaving you firm and glowing.

approx. 70mins £59.00

Power Hydrator
Like a long drink for the skin, this feel-good treatment pampers
dry, fragile skin types - relieving tightness, plumping out fine lines
and restoring comfort, softness and radiance.
approx. 70mins £59.00

Anti-Blemish Rescue
This detoxifying, purifying treatment is perfect for oily or
combination skin types. Impurities will be gently removed; shine
will be reduced and pores will appear tightened. Leave with clear,
refreshed and rebalanced skin.

approx. 70mins £59.00

Radiance Booster
This glowing treatment will hit refresh on tired, lackluster skin,
delivering a double shot of radiance and hydration.
Microcirculation boosting massage and targeted products will
work to create deliciously plump, luminous skin.
approx. 70mins £59.00

Skin Soother
Calm and soothe sensitive skin with this highly effective,
nurturing treatment. You’ll feel immediate comfort and see a
reduction in redness and irritation. Your skin will be left
strengthened and radiant.

approx. 70mins £59.00

Ultra Relaxing Facial

This facial aims to soothe the mind and rebalance the skin. By combining our deeply relaxing Ayuroma Touch massage and calming essential oils, you'll be able to completely disconnect from the stresses of the modern life and worries of the outside world. Your mind will be rebalanced and refocused the tension in your skin disappear. 

approx. 60mins £53.00 

Maximise the results of your treatments by adding a
skin boosting add on
• Back Massage

• Hand & Foot Massage

• Scalp, Neck & Décolleté Massage
Choose from our effective 20 Minute treatment add ons
£21.50 each

Aromatic Facial
Oily, congested, dry and dull, dehydrated, sensitive...Whatever
your skin condition, this customised treatment will promote
radiance & hydration. Your recipe for healthy looking skin starts

approx. 60mins £47.00

Mini Aromatic Facial approx. 30mins £34.00


















Body Shaper
In this treatment we combine draining and detoxifying massage
with potent plant enriched products to enhance your silhouette.
Like all of our treatments, we’ll start with a comprehensive skin
analysis so we can best tailor it to you and your body. From
firming to tightening to brightening and rehydrating, we’ll make
sure you leave feeling your most confident.

approx. 70mins £59.00

Body Renew
The wear of day to day life can be a lot for your body to take.
This blissfully relaxing treatment will refresh your skin, bringing
you, back to you. We start with a gentle exfoliation to detox and
renew the skin, then add an indulgent layer of lotion to deliver
deep hydration. Ultimately enhancing not just your body ,but also
your mind.

approx. 70mins £59.00


Beauty Sleep
It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. Because a lack of sleep can
really take its toll on your skin. But don’t panic, using specially
selected products and gentle massage movements, we’ll relax
you from head to toe. By inducing a meditative state, you’ll be
simultaneously aware of every touch, whilst also in a dreamlike,
zen space of relaxation, perfect for helping you sleep. Expect immediate beauty results and long-term wellbeing benefits. Skin is soothed, radiant and refreshed, whilst stress is diminished.

approx. 70mins £59.00

Energy Booster
This vitality-boosting, mood-enhancing treatment uses energising
massage movements and optimised pressure to sweep away
stress and help rebalance body and mind. After, your skin will
look radiant and your body will feel recalibrated.
approx. 70mins £59.00

Rebalancing Massage With Essential Oils
Relax your body, restore your energy and ease muscle tension
with this result driven treatment. Our skilled therapists will adapt
their pressure to your preference and needs. Choose between
‘Tonic’ Oil to help stimulate the body and mind or ‘Relax’ Oil to
invoke a feeling of absolute calm.

approx. 70mins £59.00

Hot Stone Massage
Warm stones help relieve tension, fight fatigue and deliver an all
round wellbeing boost. Combined with our expert massage and
blissful aroma therapeutic oils, you can expect total body

approx. 60mins £59.00

Tension Easing Massage

Whether you’ve pushed yourself at the gym or had a hectic week at work, this intensely therapeutic massage will ease tense shoulders, back knots, and aches. With aromatic essential oils to supercharge stress-relief, this invigorating massage will restore your sense of wellbeing.

approx. 60mins £55.00


Pregnancy Mother-To-Be

Our specially created treatment focuses on nurturing your body
both during and after pregnancy – a period of great change.
Using the most gentle products we’ll nourish stretched skin,
whilst improving its tone and elasticity. Our massage will aim to
release tensions, reduce heaviness in the legs, fight
understandable fatigue and give you permission to think about
nothing other than yourself for an hour.

approx. 60mins £53.00



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